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Eclipse improvements for archetypes break functionality in vscode-java



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      The Maven archetypes (quickstarts) have some Eclipse oriented improvements in `pom.xml`. These are present to improve the "out-of-the-box experience in Eclipse by resolving some warnings" (direct citation from the file).

      However, part of these improvements degrade the functionality in vscode in combination with the vscode-java extension. This extension provides Java language support in vscode (repository can be found here https://github.com/redhat-developer/vscode-java ).

      The following piece of the XML


      causes all of the autocomplete, code inspections, import fixes etc. provided by the vscode-java extension to be supressed.

      I initially created an issue at the vscode-java repo, because I thought the issue was in the extension. However, they pointed out that the above piece of code causes the supressions (as mentioned here: https://github.com/redhat-developer/vscode-java/issues/1241 ).

      In the docs the preference for IntelliJ or Eclipse as an IDE is given, but only when contributing to the development of Flink itself, not for the applications using it. Long story short: is it either possible for the above piece of code to be removed (probably not), or can a warning be placed near it, or in the docs themselves, to prevent other people from stumbling across the same issue when they are using vscode?


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