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GSoC project: Machine learning with Apache Flink




      Currently, the Flink community is setting up the infrastructure for a machine learning library for Flink. The goal is to provide a set of highly optimized ML algorithms and to offer a high level linear algebra abstraction to easily do data pre- and post-processing. By defining a set of commonly used data structures on which the algorithms work it will be possible to define complex processing pipelines.

      The Mahout DSL constitutes a good fit to be used as the linear algebra language in Flink. It has to be evaluated which means have to be provided to allow an easy transition between the high level abstraction and the optimized algorithms.

      The machine learning library offers multiple starting points for a GSoC project. Amongst others, the following projects are conceivable.

      • Extension of Flink's machine learning library by additional ML algorithms
        • Stochastic gradient descent
        • Distributed dual coordinate ascent
        • SVM
        • Gaussian mixture EM
        • DecisionTrees
        • ...
      • Integration of Flink with the Mahout DSL to support a high level linear algebra abstraction
      • Integration of H2O with Flink to benefit from H2O's sophisticated machine learning algorithms
      • Implementation of a parameter server like distributed global state storage facility for Flink. This also includes the extension of Flink to support asynchronous iterations and update messages.

      Own ideas for a possible contribution on the field of the machine learning library are highly welcome.




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