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Report BLOCKING_PERSISTENT result partition meta back to client




      After each job finishes, the new BLOCKING_PERSISTENT result partitions are generated, and locations of these result partitions should be report back to client via JobExecutionResult, they will be later used for Table cache() and invalidateCache()



      • The client uses ExecutionEnvironment to submit a batch job and wait for the JobResult from JM
      • When a job finishes, BLOCKING_PERSISTENT ResultPartition locations will be collected from each ExecutionVertex in ExecutionGraph
      • On JM side, the BLOCKING_PERSISTENT ResultPartition locations flow in this path (ExecutionGraph -> ArchivedExecutionGraph -> JobResult)
      • On client side, A JobExecutionResult will be created with the returned JobResult
      • The ExecutionEnvironment sees the JobExecutionResult containing the locations, and stores them in itself

      Failure Handling

      • If any error occurs during collecting locations of BLOCKING_PERSISTENT ResultPartition,
        we do not terminate the process but leave incomplete locations of some IntermediateDataSet, we keep record of these IntermediateDataSetIDs and report back to client
      • So the Client can use these informations and decide what to do, generally
        the data can be read if locations are complete, or a delete request will be proposed(in later PRs) if the locations are incomplete

      Brief change log

      • Add a new class ResultPartitionDescriptor, which stores location of a BLOCKING_PERSISTENT ResultPartition, currently we only support ResultPartition in TaskManager.
      • Add a new class BlockingPersistentResultPartitionMeta, which contains all mappings from IntermediateDataSetID to its BLOCKING_PERSISTENT ResultPartition locations
      • Add a new method getBlockingPersistentResultPartitionMeta() in AccessExecutionGraph, which returns a BlockingPersistentResultPartitionMeta
      • Add an instance of BlockingPersistentResultPartitionMeta in JobExecutionResult, JobResult, ArchivedExecutionGraph and ExecutionEnvironment
      • When a job finishes, the locations will flow in this path: ExecutionGraph -> ArchivedExecutionGraph -> JobResult -> JobExecutionResult -> ExecutionEnvironment


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