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DateFormatter's parseDateTime method doesn't handle AM PM properly when time is in the 12 PM hour



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    • Apache Flex 4.12.0
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      DateFormatter.parseDateTime does not properly parse strings in the noon hour with an AM or PM designator.

      For example, "2/13/2014 12:23:22 PM" does not translate to a date and instead returns a null value.

      Upon research into this method, it appears that there is a secondary "catch all" conditional for "Other Locales AM PM" that actually overwrites correct derivation of the "hour" value that is used to create the return Date value:

      // Other lacales AM/PM
      if (ampm.hasOwnProperty(word))

      { isPM = true; if (hour > 12) break; // error else if (hour >= 0) hour += 12; }

      This conditional does not appear to handle any time between 12:00, including, and 1:00 PM, excluding, properly as it makes the hour 24. When the final return value is calculated, the 24 hour actually rounds the total date value UP to the next day, resulting in a failed date derivation validation check found near the bottom of this method:

      // create a date object and check the validity of the input date
      // by comparing the result with input values.
      var newDate:Date = new Date(year, mon, day, hour, min, sec, milli);
      if (day != newDate.getDate() || mon != newDate.getMonth())
      return null;

      The check compares the read "day" value against the derived "getDate()" value which proves a true value - returning null instead of the derived date.

      I'm unsure of the reasoning for the "other locales" conditional. Therefore simply removing it may not be the proper solution. A better solution may be to remove the 12 value from the conditional as so:

      // Other lacales AM/PM
      if (ampm.hasOwnProperty(word))

      { isPM = true; if (hour > 12) break; // error else if (hour >= 0 && hour < 12) hour += 12; }




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