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value property of NumericStepper does not update on text input




      If a user changes the value of a numeric stepper, they must focus on an different UI element for the change to propogate down to the value property.

      I'll attach example code that demonstrates this behavior. The application is simple. User clicks on a button to present a popup with a numeric stepper in it. When the popup closes the label just to the right of the button gets updated with the NumericStepper.value property

      Steps to Reproduce

      1.) Click on the button
      2.) Click into the NumericStepper and type in a new value
      3.) Close the popup


      The label is not updated with the appropriate value

      Expected Result

      The label is updated with the value that was typed into the NumericStepper


      You can get around this by detecting if the NumericStepper.textDisplay.text does not match the NumericStepper.value, if so then assume the textDisplay.text value is the right one and use it. This is not a good workaround as it requires an assumption and any updates to how the text value gets formatted into a numeric value in the component will not be carried over in the custom work around.

      To Force expected behavior you can do the following:

      1.) Click on the button
      2.) Click into the NumericStepper and type in a new value
      3.) Click into the TextInput
      4.) Close the popup

      When the NumericStepper loses focus, then the appropriate update functions are called in the component to update the value property


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