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TLF crashes when hypens are shown in a multi span textFlow



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    • Adobe Flex SDK 4.6 (Release)
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      When soft hyphens are used and shown, in a textFlow with 2 or more spans, TLF crashes when typing.

      Import the underlying text flow xml. Resize the text area until the hyphen is visible. Then start typing AFTER the hypened word, also pressing the enter key. TLF crashes.

      Sample textFLow (if the soft hyphen is not show, insert a new one in the appropriate word):

      <TextFlow color="#000000" fontSize="12" lineHeight="14" paddingBottom="0" paddingLeft="10" paddingRight="10" paddingTop="0" whiteSpaceCollapse="preserve" version="2.0.0" xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/textLayout/2008">
      <span backgroundColor="#ffffff" textDecoration="underline">First Span</span>
      <span backgroundColor="#ffffff" textDecoration="none"> Second span. This text has a hypen in the next long word LongWord­WithAHyphen. Make sure the hypen is shown! Then start typing and pressing enter till TLF crashes (should happen fast enough)</span>

      It seems that the textLine is damaged but the text engine fails to recompose the line properly.


        1. ComposeState.as
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        4. BaseCompose.as
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        5. ExampleDebug.fxp
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        6. FLEX33409.patch
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        8. ContainerController.as
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        9. ParagraphElement.as
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        10. textLayout.swc
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