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TLF with Real Image Text Wrap Support



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      TLF supports for the moment the <img> tag with attributes for float. This is not real text wrapping, it is only the html version of "float a image to the left" or "float a image to the right".

      The correct solution should allow
      1. The image to be placed on any position (Ex: x=100,y=200, x=10% width or with constraints like middle,left, right)
      2. If the image contains transparency ( like for .pngs ) then the text should wrap also inside of the transparent space.

      In the attached image is the result that I would like to have with TLF.

      If the current TLF version does not provide this functionality If am willing to start implementing it.

      My request to the community is:

      • if someone knows if this feature is already existing please comment on this issue
      • if someone can guide me to a person from the TLF team or other member who has experience with TLF architecture i would be very grateful.

      I think this functionality would benefit a lot of products who take advantage of the powerful flash text engine and if you agree with me please vote this issue.


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