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CLONE -Possible memory leak occurring when VideoPlayer source is changed



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
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    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • Adobe Flex SDK 4.5.1 (Release)
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    • Spark: VideoPlayer
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    • Affected OS(s): Windows
      Affected OS(s): Windows
      Language Found: English


      NOTE: This issue has been cloned because your workarounds do not work. Have asked for previous case to be reopened but this never happened. If there is a known and proven workaround available, please let me know.

      I have created an application (see attached) that simulates a user previewing a list of videos. When the user selects a video, the VideoPlayer source is changed and the video plays immediately.

      When I run the application, the video source is changed every second. I tried an interval 3 and 5 seconds in separate tests to see if the results differ, but they don't. Each time the source is changed, the Windows system memory usage (in Task Manager) for ADL.exe increases in 20MB chunks or more. A few minutes later, the memory usage for ADL.exe is massive and the run-time stops responding.

      If I export the application, install and run it, the process memory usage increases, then after a few hundred MB it drops suddenly to under 100MB. I'm guessing this is GC doing it's job? However this time round the memory usage increases for the second time, but then when it drops suddenly, the run-time stops responding.




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