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Problem in setting Maximum number of rowCount visible in the <s:ComboBox> control using flex4



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    • Adobe Flex SDK 4.1 (Release)
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    • Spark: ComboBox
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    • Affected OS(s): Windows
      Affected OS(s):
      Language Found: English


      Steps to reproduce:
      1.Create Spark combobox provide datas of countries in the arraycollection through dataprovider.
      2.Using the verticallayout inside layout give the requestedRowCount in order to make the maximum number of rows to be visible in the spark combobox.
      <s:ComboBox id="ddl" dataProvider="

      {countries}" x="292" y="127">
      <s:VerticalLayout requestedRowCount="3" />
      3.Allow the user to type the country name and Assign the selected or entered data inside the combobox to label on the button click event.
      <s:Button id="button" label="click" x="474" y="129" click="button_clickHandler(event)">

      <s:Label id="con" x="296" y="209" width="141" />
      protected function button_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
      { con.text=ddl.textInput.text; }

      Actual Results:when the user enter the country name and try to erase it on the first attempt shows error,after subsequent attempts it get erased .

      Expected Results:when user tries to erase it has to get erased on any number of attempts.

      Workaround (if any):This problem arises only when developer tries to set the maximum number of rows to be visible in the sparkcombobox(using requestedRowCount).If the requestedRowCount is not set to the combobox it works fine.
      <s:ComboBox id="ddl" dataProvider="{countries}

      " x="292" y="127">




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