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      For starters, it will be useful to have some technical configuration added as job parameter for each of the below jobs, that is batch size and thread pool size for executor service so this has a dependency on FINERACT-425.

      Add migration script to add those 2 configurations to each of the following jobs with the value of batch size being 500 and thread pool size being 16 :-

      Add Accrual Transactions
      Add Periodic Accrual Transactions
      Add Accrual Transactions For Loans With Income Posted As Transactions
      Generate Loan Loss Provisioning
      Post Interest for Savings
      Update Loan Summary

      This would require separation of core functionality to a separate class.

      Simplified example :-

      final ExecutorService executor = Executors.newFixedThreadPool(threadPoolSize);

      final LocalDate dueDate = DateUtils.getLocalDateOfTenant();
      final Collection<LoanAccountData> loansToBeRepaidData = this.loanReadPlatformService
      Iterable<List<LoanAccountData>> loansToBeRepaid = Iterables.partition(loansToBeRepaidData, batchSize);
      final Authentication authentication = SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication();
      List<Callable<Object>> advancePaymentPosters = new ArrayList<Callable<Object>>();

      for (List<LoanAccountData> subList : loansToBeRepaid)

      { AdvancePaymentPoster poster = (AdvancePaymentPoster) this.applicationContext.getBean("advancePaymentPoster"); poster.setLoans(subList); poster.setTenant(ThreadLocalContextUtil.getTenant()); poster.setAuthentication(authentication); poster.setCommandService(commandService); advancePaymentPosters.add(Executors.callable(poster)); }

      try {
      List<Future<Object>> responses = executor.invokeAll(advancePaymentPosters);
      for(Future f : responses)

      { f.get(); }

      } catch (InterruptedException e1)

      { e1.printStackTrace(); }






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