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Jobs configurable by loans / savings product and office.

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      Allow saving key-value pairs against each job. Key populated in front-end can be a free text field or an enum consisting of Loan Product / Savings Product / Office. If pre-defined key is selected, populate corresponding list of existing loan product / savings product / office in value field's dropdown.

      The jobs can receive this key-value pair as a function parameter by setting arguments on the jobDetailFactoryBean created in the function createJobDetail(ScheduledJobDetail) in the class JobRegisterServiceImpl.

      If the following jobs has above parameters passed to it, it should add corresponding office/product filter where clause to its read query.

      Add Accrual Transactions
      Add Periodic Accrual Transactions
      Add Accrual Transactions For Loans With Income Posted As Transactions
      Generate Loan Loss Provisioning
      Post Interest for Savings
      Update Loan Summary

      This feature can be made more useful with node-aware scheduler as different nodes can be configured to perform the job for different products/offices resulting in distribution of load.


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