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Tax component not working as expected



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    • 1.4.0
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      tax attached to the loan charge is not getting affected at the loan/accounting level

      To reproduce

      1. Create a tax component-> create a tax group with the component created.

      2. Create loan charge(any parameter, refer to the attachment for the parameters I used) and map the tax group created.

      3. Add the charge to the loan product (with periodic accrual accounting) enabled

      4. create/approve/disburse a loan from that loan product.

      5. Ideally the charge with the tax attached should have JE splits for charge amount and tax amount separated.

      But the tax bifurcation is not happening


      Have attached 

      product config screenshot, charge config screenshot, tax config screenshot, and loan issue screenshot for more understanding

      Please add a comment if you need any help



        1. tax group config.png
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          Bharath Gowda
        2. tax component config.jpeg
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          Bharath Gowda
        3. loan product config -2.png
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          Bharath Gowda
        4. loan product config -1.png
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          Bharath Gowda
        5. loan charge split not happening.png
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          Bharath Gowda
        6. loan charge config.png
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          Bharath Gowda

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