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Client to accounting transfer feature where amount can taken to / from client for passing Journal Entry

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    • Accounting, Client, Savings


      In this feature need to provide a backend support for affecting a transfer entry where:

      1. Amount is withdrawn from client's saving account and a JE is passed - this is to account for expense of the MFI on behalf of the client (Eg: Pay bills online for client)
      2. Amount is deposited to client's savings account and a JE is passed - this is to account for expense of the MFI while that amount is paid to the client (Eg: Giving salary to a client)

      This feature has been developed and available under the git this repo. It needs to be redesigned to bring under org.apache package and using the command pattern along with appropriate validation needs to be implemented.

      Further similar loan related scenarios needs to be implemented, as that has not been delivered under the above mentioned git repo. In case of loans

      1. Loan amount increases in case the MFI incurs an expense on behalf of the client and wishes to put it as a loan to the client
      2. Laon amount decreases in case the MFI pays an amount to the client as a loan repayment while MFI incurs expense under specific expense accounting head




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