we should think about the naming of this important api, because std. cdi conversations offer the same method.

      codi conversations are very similar to orchestra conversations.

      in orchestra #end means that the conversation gets terminated immediately.
      currently we have the same with codi conversations.

      if we would like to add an additional api which terminates the conversation after the rendering process (= behavior of std. cdi conversations), we would have to introduce a name which might confuse users.

      we have the following options:

      renaming #end to #close -> it's more clear to users that it works differently (compared to std. cdi conversations).
      so we still have #end if we add an additional api for terminating the conversation at the end of the request.
      if we won't introduce the additional api, we still have a method which indicates that the termination process works differently compared to std. cdi conversations.
      the only disadvantage is that it isn't intuitive for users who used orchestra.

      keeping the current api (#end) for terminating the conversation immediately. so we will need a name for an api which ends the conversation after the rendering process.
      (we could use #close. but then we have #end which works differently (compared to std. cdi conversations) and #close also doesn't really express the difference (and other names might sound strange). so we might end up with confused users.)


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