myfaces codi checks if the received window-id was created within the current user-session.
      that's e.g. not the case if users bookmark the page (including the window id) and continues later on.
      if the window-id is unknown, codi generates a new id. -> a request based on a bookmark leads to a new window-context(-id), if the request is within a new session.

      however, there are some very special use-cases - e.g. an external app. has to forward the window-id e.g. to another codi based web-app.
      to allow such uses-cases it should be possible to allow unknown window-ids.

      attention: if you activate this feature, you risk problems in combination with bookmarks!

      web.xml context-param: org.apache.myfaces.extensions.cdi.ALLOW_UNKNOWN_WINDOW_IDS


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