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openstack driver lacks firewall and addresses functionality



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      fedora 18 deltacloud-core-openstack-1.1.2-3.fc18.noarch, also the upstream latest as of 3rd Jun 2013


      We are implementing a service that connects to different clouds via deltacloud. We run to an issue that we can't handle security groups and floating addresses via deltacloud. The feature is missing, see the irclog for background with marios:

      <ikke-t> hi, does anyone here know the status of firewalls and addresses on openstack driver?
      <ikke-t> it seems they are not implemented at least in F18 version of deltacloud:
      <ikke-t> "The required capability to execute this operation is missing"
      <marios> ikke-t: hi - yeah looks like they aren't implemented yet
      <ikke-t> this seems to be a bit behind of upstream: deltacloud-core-1.1.2-3.fc18.noarch
      <ikke-t> any idea if upstream has them, mario?
      <ikke-t> release notes doesn't mention them
      <marios> ikke-t: no, that's what i meant, they aren't implemented at all yet for the openstack driver
      <ikke-t> ok. would you know if anyone is actively developing the deltacloud-openstack driver?
      <ikke-t> if there would be e.g. blueprint or similar for the features
      <ikke-t> perhaps ec2 driver would have them, and it could be used towards openstack?
      <marios> ikke-t: so i don't know of someone currently working on that. the ec2 driver has firewalls. but one problem i believe is that the ruby-openstack rubygem doesn't currently have firewall support so it will need to be added there. if this is something you can work on, please go ahead. otherwise can you please file a jira request for that and i or someone else will get to it asap.




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