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Drill on Docker goes down after REST API query



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    • 1.19.0
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    • Client - HTTP
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      When running Apache Drill 1.19.0 on Docker (see 'docker-compose-config.png') it goes down after I send a REST API call to it (see 'query-breaking-drill-in-docker.png' and 'request-body-of-query-breaking-drill-in-docker.txt'). The REST API call is successfully responded though.

      Two kinds of error messages are shown on my terminal's screen. The same terminal where I started the docker container ('docker-compose up'). The second one (see 'error-dump-on-terminal-full.txt') I got after I have restarted the container and tried the same REST API call again.

      The query on the REST API call runs over 23 json files ranging from 160KB to 7.6 MB (unfortunately I cannot share them). Total data size of 19.2MB.  

      If I do that same query using Drill's web UI then no problem occurs.


        1. docker-compose-config_using_dzamo2_image.png
          40 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio
        2. error-dump-on-terminal5_using_dzamo2_image.txt
          393 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio
        3. query-breaking-drill-in-docker_using_dzamo2_image.png
          103 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio
        4. error-dump-on-terminal3_using_dzamo2_image.txt
          2 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio
        5. error-dump-on-terminal4_using_dzamo2_image.txt
          2 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio
        6. error-dump-on-terminal1_using_dzamo2_image.txt
          3 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio
        7. error-dump-on-terminal2_using_dzamo2_image.txt
          2 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio
        8. error-dump-on-terminal.txt
          2 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio
        9. error-dump-on-terminal-full.txt
          158 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio
        10. request-body-of-query-breaking-drill-in-docker.txt
          0.1 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio
        11. query-breaking-drill-in-docker.png
          66 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio
        12. docker-compose-config.png
          42 kB
          Alessandro Porfirio



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