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Umbrella Issue to Improve Error Messages to Users in Apache Drill




      This is a master JIRA to link to other specific examples of unhelpful error messages in Drill. There are a number of error messages built into Drill that when provided to a user, even with ALTER SESSION SET `exec.errors.verbose` = true, provides little for the user to go on to troubleshoot there message. While messages have been improving, having a master JIRA to track these individual errors will help improve the product as a whole. To that end, when creating a new JIRA to be linked to this one with a specific error message, please include the following information.

      1. The Error Message
      2. The Verbose Error message ( Run the query: ALTER SESSION SET `exec.errors.verbose` = true; then run the query or perform the action that caused the message)
      3. The storage plugin used. (Filesystem, MongoDB, Hbase, etc)
      4. The File types being queried (If using filesystem storage plugin) For example: CSV, JSON, Parquet etc.
      5. The context for the error message, i.e. it happens all the time, it happens some of the time, randomly, only when the moon traverses the constellation Scorpio... etc.
      6. If you were able to resolve the issue, what was the cause? This will be helpful and providing "tips" to the users if possible.
      7. Did you find any documentation related to this error in the Drill Documentation Pages?
      8. What information would be more helpful for you?
      9. ????
      10. Profit.
      11. Also link to this issue in your issue so we know it's linked to bigger improvement of Drill error messages.

      Once you create the individual issue, post a comment here with a link to your new issue. The idea is we have a single point to understand all the frustrating error messages we can make real progress on the larger issue of error messages with in Drill!




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