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Document Drill's JSON processing rules



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      One of Drill's key benefits is the ability to query JSON-formatted data. Much great work has been done. But, unless someone happens to be a Drill developer, the details of exactly how Drill handles various JSON formats can be hard to find.

      We should document how Drill handles various JSON scenarios.

      • SELECT * (schema inferred)
      • SELECT a, b, c (schema implied by query)

      And various JSON structures:

      • Top-level structure (list of maps. Can we handle an array of maps? A list of scalars?)
      • Changes of the top-level map structure across rows.
        • New field appears later in the file. (Was {a: 1, b: "s"}

          , now is

          {a: 1, b: "s", c: 10}
        • Fields disappear later in the file
        • Fields change type
        • Start of file has many nulls for a field, later in file has non-null values.
      • How Drill handles array fields
        • Array field is null: { a: [10, 20]}


          { a: null }
        • Array contains nulls: { a: [10, null, 20] }
        • Array contains single scalar type (number or string)
        • Array contains multiple scalar types (number and string)
        • Aray contains structured types (array, map)
      • How Drill handles nested maps
        • Explicit select: a, b.c, b.d: {a: 1, b:
          Unknown macro: { c}


        • Implicit select: *
        • How data is delivered to Drill client
        • How data is delivered to JDBC/ODBC clients
      • Size issues
        • Very large records (what is max size?)
        • Very large strings
        • Vary large arrays


      • Support for case-sensitive names: { a: 1, A: "foo" }

      The above is legal JSON, but causes problems with the case-insensitive naming rules of Drill

      Along with any other detailed information not covered by the above list.


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