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Reimplement mobile-sync as a core module



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      The code in Qpid Dispatch Router currently does mobile address synchronization between routers in the Python router module.  This has a couple of drawbacks in cases where there are large numbers of addresses:

      • The address strings are stored twice:  once in the main address lookup hash table and again in the Python mobile address module.
      • Address lookup on the Python side is inefficient and has been a bottleneck (improved recently by a patch from Gordon Sim).
      • Python processing is single threaded.  A large mobile address update can cause delays in processing management requests and link-state topology maintenance.

      The python router module was intended to be an on-the-side control-plane module that was not in the critical path for any performance-related activities.  With large numbers of addresses in a network, synchronizing address locations becomes performance-related.

      To address these issues, mobile address synchronization can be moved into a core module where it can use and share the same address table that is used by the router core for making high speed routing decisions.  In the process, it will leave the python modules alone to process management requests and topology maintenance uninterrupted.


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