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website image display and release page generation issues



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      On the website, the images in the user guide are shown at their full size and so emerge ridiculously oversized, flowing off to the side and requiring scrolling to even see it all. This makes them hard to even fully visualise and impedes their usefullness (plus makes the page unsightly overall). E.g see images at http://qpid.apache.org/releases/qpid-dispatch-1.9.0/user-guide/index.html#routing

      In a local build from master, the same images dont even display in the user guide page at all, as they are referenced by the html as being in an 'images' subdir of the page location, but the images dir is actually in the parent dir so they are not found.

      I thought perhaps the website update scripts for dispatch were compensating for the above dir issues at the point they are run, but seems not. Rather, on trying to do a fresh build of the site pages for 1.9.0 the process failed entirely as the site scripts look for an 'images' subdir, but that doesnt exist per above, and also further as in 1.9.0 the dir was named '_images' and not 'images', having been renamed over a year ago, and only very recently changed back to 'images' again on master. The local build should be make to have working images, and the website scripts for dispatch should be updated to use the correct dir whatever it may be.


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