It would be nice to add Object to LDAP persistence tooling to Apache Directory Studio.

      The tooling should support two scenarios:
      1st) Based on an existing directory tree and schema the domain model and persistence code (DAOs) should be generated. The idea is to select an example entry in the LDAP Browser, right-click, and generate the code into an Eclipse Java project.
      2nd) Based on an existing domain model (e.g. Java classes) an LDAP schema and persistence code (DAOs) should be generated. The idea is to select a package in the Eclipse Package Explorer, right-click, and generate the code.

      A special challenge will be the support of object relationships, e.g. Departments-Users-Groups-Roles-Permissions. In LDAP such relationships are often implemented using hierarchies, DN references, or attribute references.

      The main focus should be the generation of Java code. However it would be nice if the code generators would be pluggable to make it possible to create code for different languages (Scala, C#, etc.). It would also be nice to support different persistence engines, for example plain JNDI, the Apache LDAP API, or DataNucleus.




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