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Apache DS Configuration Plugin cannot parse server.xml file correctly




      This issue has been reported on the users ML.

      See http://markmail.org/message/5d6vhtketxorkrbi for the complete email thread.

      Here's the initial mail:
      Subject: Error when open configuration fileLink to this message
      From: zhangzhongliang
      Date: 11/27/2007 11:58:11 PM
      List: org.apache.directory.users

      I installed the "apacheds-1.0.2-win32-setup" and "Apache_Directory_Studio_1.0.1_Windows" to learn more about LDAP knowledge and JNDI techs.I installed them by default.After Installation,I started the Apache Directory Studio tool,and double click the Example in the Connections view,and then the DIT appears at the LDAP Browser view. I followed the "ApacheDS v1.0 Basic User's Guide" and want to view the configuration file of ApacheDS example instance,so I did the following operations:

      Apache DS--->Open Configuration File...

      While,an error occurred with the following error message in the popup dialog:

      An error occurred when reading the file. Connection time out:connect Nested exception:Connection time out:connect

      I tried this operation many times,no matter at home or my office,the result is the same. I want to check if there is a log file in the Studio tool,but I found none.

      I think the "Apache DS--->Open Configuration File..." will give me a view of structural frame of the configuration file,but now I can not use it. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot!




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