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Searching on member attribute (multivalued) for groups is not working as expected

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    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.0-M14
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.0-M16
    • Component/s: core
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    • Environment:
      Windows 32 + Java 1.6



      I have this index on my partition for the member attribute.

      dn: ads-indexAttributeId=member,ou=indexes,ads-partitionId=cpro,ou=partitions,ads-directoryServiceId=default,ou=config
      ads-indexattributeid: member
      ads-indexHasReverse: FALSE
      ads-indexcachesize: 100
      objectclass: ads-index
      objectclass: ads-jdbmIndex
      objectclass: ads-base
      objectclass: top
      ads-enabled: TRUE

      Here is an example of two groups. Test1 has 1 member , Test2 has 2.
      #begin ldif
      version: 1

      dn: uid=1374604692150,ou=groups,ou=int,o=cpro
      objectClass: uidObject
      objectClass: groupOfNames
      objectClass: top
      cn: Test1
      member: uid=1374609919999,ou=users,ou=int,o=cpro
      uid: 1374604692150
      description: Test1

      dn: uid=1374604692151,ou=groups,ou=int,o=cpro
      objectClass: uidObject
      objectClass: groupOfNames
      objectClass: top
      cn: Test2
      member: uid=1374609919999,ou=users,ou=int,o=cpro
      member: uid=1374609910000,ou=users,ou=int,o=cpro
      uid: 1374604692151
      description: Test2

      #end ldif

      Created the group and performed the following searches using Apache directory studio Version: 2.0.0.v20130131

      Substring Search for (member=*) - PASS
      Both entries returned - OK

      Exact Search for (member=uid=1374609910000,ou=users,ou=int,o=cpro) - PASS
      Test 2 is returned. (hunch - value exists only once in index and so it works)

      Exact Search for (member=uid=1374609919999,ou=users,ou=int,o=cpro) - FAIL
      No entries returned, however all should.

      Substring Search for (member=u*) - FAIL
      No entries returned. Expected same result as (member=*)

      If i change the index definition to ads-indexHasReverse: I get the same results

      Let me know if i can help. Thanks!




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              akiran Kiran Ayyagari
              caccorsi Carlo Accorsi


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