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Enhancements to XML functionality to move toward XPath/XQuery support...



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      As of DERBY-334, Derby has some very basic support for XML that consists of an XML datatype and three operators (XMLPARSE, XMLSERIALIZE, and XMLEXISTS). I would like to enhance this existing functionality and, by doing so, help to move Derby incrementally toward a more usable and more complete XPath/XQuery solution (with emphasis on "incrementally").

      I have attached to this issue a document describing the particular changes that I am looking to make. At a high level, they consist of:

      1) Making it easier to use the XML operators and datatype from within JDBC (ex. by implicit parsing/serialization of XML values).

      2) Adding a new operator, XMLQUERY, to allow a user to retrieve the results of an XPath expression (instead of just determining whether or not the expression evaluates to an empty sequence, which is what XMLEXISTS does).

      3) Making changes to the existing operators to line them up with the SQL/XML 2005 specification, and also to take steps toward my eventual hope of having support for XQuery (as opposed to just XPath) in Derby.

      If anyone has time and interest enough to look at the document and provide feedback, that'd be great...


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