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BUILDING.txt section 3.2(1): Instructions for finding user home directory are not reliable



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      Windows/Unix/Linux, JDKs 1.3-1.5


      BUILDING.txt, section 3.2 states:


      3.2 Create property file

      You will need to create a property file to specify
      your environment and some of your options. Do the following
      to specify your environment and options:

      (1) Find out user home directory on your system. You can find
      user home directory by doing echo on variable %HOME%
      on windows and $home or $HOME on unix.


      In some cases, %HOME% (on WIndows) or $HOME ($home) (on Unix) does not correspond to the directory where ant looks for "ant.properties".

      I recently tried to build Derby on Windows XP, and accidentally put ant.properties in the wrong directory, causing ant to say that java.lang could not be found. On Windows XP and 2000 (and most likely all older Windows platforms as well) "out-of-the-box", there is no environment variable called %HOME%. Creating this environment variable manually does not make any difference.

      On Unix systems, the $HOME environment variable does not necessarily always correspond to ant's (i.e. Java's) interpretation of "user.home". For example, if a user changes this variable manually from "/home/username" to "/home/username/myHome", $HOME refers to the latter, but ant will continue to look for ant.properties in the "/home/username" directory.


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