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Create a custom/optional tool for dumping the data in a corrupted database.

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      It would be useful to have a tool for dumping the data in a corrupted database. This could start out as a custom tool. After we debug the tool and get some experience with it, we can consider promoting it to be a (possibly undocumented) optional tool which we ship with the product. I think the tool should have the following behavior:

      1) The tool should not subvert the security of the corrupted database. If the corrupted database is password-protected, then you would need to present its DBO's credentials in order to use the tool. Naturally, an encryption key would have to be presented in order to decode an encrypted database.

      2) The tool should not stop reading a table when it hits a corrupt record. Instead, the tool should soldier on and collect a list of warnings on bad records.

      Such a tool would be useful in situations where some part of a heap table is corrupt but the following heap conglomerates are intact:

      ii) SYSTABLES
      iv) SYSCOLUMNS
      v) property conglomerate

      Such a tool would be useful for some situations where data can't be dumped even after you delete the log files in order to short-circuit recovery.


        1. derby-6136-02-aa-cleanup.diff
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          Richard N. Hillegas
        2. derby-6136-01-ab-teardownCorruptDB.diff
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          Richard N. Hillegas
        3. derby-6136-01-aa-productize.diff
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          Richard N. Hillegas
        4. RawDBReader.java
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          Richard N. Hillegas
        5. logmirror[1].ctrl
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          John Judd
        6. log[1].ctrl
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          John Judd
        7. log5[1].dat
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          John Judd
        8. log4[1].dat
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          John Judd
        9. log3[1].dat
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          John Judd
        10. log2[1].dat
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          John Judd
        11. DerbyRecovery-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
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          José Arcángel Salazar Delgado
        12. DataFileVTI.java
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          Richard N. Hillegas
        13. DataFileVTI.java
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          Richard N. Hillegas
        14. DataFileVTI.java
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          Richard N. Hillegas
        15. RawDBReader.java
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          Richard N. Hillegas
        16. DataFileVTI.java
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          Richard N. Hillegas
        17. RawDBReader.java
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          Richard N. Hillegas
        18. dataFileVTI.sql
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          Richard N. Hillegas
        19. DataFileVTI.java
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          Richard N. Hillegas

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