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      The latest revision of the Documentation page of the Derby website (http://db.apache.org/derby/manuals/index.html) no longer has the attribute 'target="_blank"' on the links to the Latest Alpha Manuals. This means that the latest manuals open in the same tab or window as the main documentation page unless the user takes specific steps in the browser to open them in a different tab or window.

      The attribute is still present on the release-specific manuals, so the user experience with the latest manuals is different both from the previous behavior and with the manuals on the rest of the documentation page. I've gotten used to having the main documentation page always available so that I can easily open multiple manuals at a time, but my situation may be unusual.

      I would suggest that the 'target="_blank"' attribute be added to the Latest Alpha Manuals links for consistency with previous practice and with the other links on the page, but I'm happy to withdraw the suggestion if others take a different view.

      There is a small box with an arrow on each of the Latest Alpha Manuals links now, probably a result of the 'class="external"' attribute, which indicates a link to a non-Apache web site. This change is appropriate, and it does add a visual cue that these manuals are different from the others.


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