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Translation of string 'Network Server' in drda error messages is inconsistent



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      The locale files under java/drda/org/apache/derby/loc/drda sometimes translate the strings 'Network Server' and 'Derby Network Server' and sometimes not.
      'Derby Network Server' is the actual name of the tool, and should not be translated. 'Network Server' is a short version of the same, and also should not get translated.
      If the string had lower case, and/or the article 'a' is preceding this, i.e. 'network server' or 'a network server' then the string should not get translated.

      Some language files are very consistent in this; de_DE and _fr correctly have not translated these strings.
      ja_JP has translated it everywhere except for DRDA_NoAuthentication.S.
      _it and _es have it incorrectly translated everywhere.

      The list of where it's translated ok is:
      DRDA_Ready.I (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP)
      DRDA_SSL_READY.I (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP)
      DRDA_SSLClientAuthReady.I (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP)
      DRDA_ShutdownSuccess.I (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP)
      DRDA_NoIO.S (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP, pt_BR, (ru), zh_TW)
      DRDA_NoAuthentication.S (ok in de_DE, fr)
      DRDA_SysInfoBanner.I (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP, ko_KR, pt_BR, (ru), zh_TW)
      DRDA_RuntimeInfoBanner.I (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP, ko_KR, pt_BR, (ru), zh_TW)
      SRV_Banner (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP, ko_KR, pt_BR, (ru), zh_TW)
      SRV_Started (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP, ko_KR, pt_BR, (ru), zh_TW)
      2x SRV_StopButton (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP, ko_KR, pt_BR)
      SRV_NotStarted (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP, ko_KR, pt_BR, (ru), zh_TW)
      SRV_NetParam (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP, ko_KR, pt_BR)
      SRV_NetworkServerError (ok in de_DE, fr, ja_JP, pt_BR)

      I'm marking this as trivial because I think the people getting the support calls when things break with Derby Network Server will speak sufficient English to be able to translate from their own language to English.

      Also note that this is not a regression, for the message files that did not get updated in 10.10, i.e. cs, hu, pl and ru, have the same inconsistency.


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