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Fix problems in English messages disclosed by a localization audit.



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      The team which is localizing the 10.9 messages would like to audit our existing messages to ensure that they are easy to translate. A quick glance at their audit results shows many issues in the following categories:

      1) Multi-line messages whose formatting confuses the translators. Translators tend to be language experts and not experts in the arcana of how Java properties files are formatted. I am hoping that these issues can be addressed by simply prefixing the multi-line messages with comments, explaining the arcane formatting.

      2) Grammar, punctuation, and capitalization problems. I think we should just clean these up.

      I am filing this issue as a place to hold patches which address issues raised by the localization audit.


        1. derby-5879-01-aa-multiLineToolsMessages.diff
          12 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        2. derby-5879-02-aa-MessageIdmessages.diff
          26 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        3. derby-5879-03-aa-SQLStatemessages.diff
          8 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        4. derby-5879-04-aa-DRDAmessages.diff
          3 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        5. derby-5879-05-aa-commentArguments.diff
          9 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        6. derby-5879-05-ab-commentArguments.diff
          11 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        7. derby-5879-06-aa-doNotTranslate.diff
          168 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        8. derby-5879-06-ab-doNotTranslate.diff
          170 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        9. derby-5879-07-aa-commentQueryPlanStrings.diff
          45 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        10. derby-5879-08-aa-explainContext.diff
          15 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        11. derby-5879-09-aa-spelling.diff
          7 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        12. derby-5879-09-ab-spelling.diff
          19 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        13. derby-5879-j9_f_outparams.diff
          57 kB
          Myrna van Lunteren
        14. derby-5879-10-aa-deleteUnused.diff
          1 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas
        15. derby-5879-11-aa-deleteUntranslatable.diff
          8 kB
          Richard N. Hillegas

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