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Consider storing a normalized authorization id in SYS.SYSUSERS in order to make NATIVE procedures follow the same casing conventions for usernames which we use on connection urls


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      Right now if you want to connect with a lowercase authorization id, you need to double-quote it:

      connect 'jdbc:derby:db;user="dbo";password=dbo_password';

      But you don't use double-quotes when creating NATIVE credentials for that user:

      call syscs_util.syscs_create_user( 'dbo', 'dbo_password' );

      I will attach a proof-of-concept patch which causes the NATIVE procedures to normalize USERNAME arguments before using them to key into SYS.SYSUSERS. This preserves the following feature of the current implementation:

      1) Only one set of NATIVE credentials can be stored for a given authorization id. Note that this differs from the behavior of other authentication schemes. The other authentication schemes let you store a set of credentials for every upper/lower-case permutation of the authorization id. To me , this seems like a big security hole in those other authentication schemes.

      In addition, the proof-of-concept patch has the following behavior:

      2) You connect with the same username string which you use when calling syscs_util.syscs_create_user.

      If this seems like the right casing behavior, I will write some tests and check this in.

      1. derby-5762-01-aa-normalizeNativeProcArg.diff
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