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Document the in-memory storage back end



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      The in-memory back end isn't considered experimental anymore, we have to
      write user documentation for the feature(s).
      I'm not sure how it should be structured, and where the content should be added.

      Just as a rough cut, here are a few possible topics (I'm not sure if all should be included or not):

      • documenting the new protocol name ('memory')
      • documenting the new 'drop' JDBC connection URL attribute
      • describing the limitations of the feature (all your data will be lost if..., how to use it with the client driver and the data sources)
      • "advanced use" (pull dbs on disk into memory, backup in-memory dbs to disk)
      • tuning tips (there are some issues with extreme page cache sizes, maybe the existing content on page size is valid)
      • known problems (nothing concrete here yet, but we have one inquiry about disappearing databases - the current theory is that different class loaders are used)

      Some more information is available at http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/InMemoryBackEndPrimer


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