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Invoking certain methods on PreparedStatements after the underlying connection changed forces repreparing


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      Whenever we invoke methods like isClosed() or getMetaData() on prepared or callable statements after the underlying connection changed, these methods will try to reprepare the statement. This becomes an issue if in the meanwhile, the query became obsolete (e.g. querying a table that was dropped in the meanwhile).

      For example, if we start a transaction and prepare a statement with "SELECT * FROM FOO;" then drop FOO with a parallel regular connection and try to invoke the said methods on the statement, a repreparement will be attempted. Since FOO no longer exists, it will throw an exception.

      I fixed this issue on DERBY-4310 for the .close() calls on Prepared and Callable statements, but this will require more extensive work to convert the remaining methods that try to do a getRealStatement() on the XAStatementControl. I will be attaching a repro that pops this issue with the isClosed() call.

      The approach I used in DERBY-4310 was to add a couple of methods to XAStatementControl that act directly on the real statement object and close them right away, without attempting to reprepare.

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