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client side OutOfMemoryError running derbnetclientmats:jdbcapi/derbyStress


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    • Component/s: Network Client, Test
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      On the nightly run for 4/27 - - (769232), I saw client jdbcapi/derbystress.java run out of heap space. The test has not failed like this before on the same machine with the same JVM, and the one checkin on that day DERBY-3991 could not account for this failure.

      I will attach the javacore and heapdump. Taking a quick look at the heap dump, it seems to have a lot of client side Statement objects, which seems to be just the leak the test is checking for. Note: the test runs with 64MB heap. It would be interesting to run with other jvms and force a gc() and a heap dump at this point in the test and see if we still have a lot of Statement objects or if this is a specific platform/JVM issue.

      The trace at the time of failure was :
      1XMCURTHDINFO Current Thread Details
      NULL ----------------------
      3XMTHREADINFO "main" (TID:0x0808D300, sys_thread_t:0x0805CBC8, state:R, native ID:0x0000644F) prio=5
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/am/Cursor.allocateCharBuffer(Bytecode PC:77(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/net/NetStatementReply.parseSQLDTARDarray(Bytecode PC:77(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/net/NetStatementReply.parseQRYDSC(Bytecode PC:10(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/net/NetStatementReply.parseOpenQuery(Bytecode PC:104(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/net/NetStatementReply.parseOPNQRYreply(Bytecode PC:14(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/net/NetStatementReply.readOpenQuery(Bytecode PC:6(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/net/StatementReply.readOpenQuery(Bytecode PC:7(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/net/NetStatement.readOpenQuery_(Bytecode PC:11(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/am/Statement.readOpenQuery(Bytecode PC:6(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/am/Statement.flowExecute(Bytecode PC:581(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/am/Statement.executeQueryX(Bytecode PC:3(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derby/client/am/Statement.executeQuery(Bytecode PC:3(Compiled Code))
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derbyTesting/functionTests/tests/jdbcapi/derbyStress.testDerby3316(derbyStress.java:156)
      4XESTACKTRACE at org/apache/derbyTesting/functionTests/tests/jdbcapi/derbyStress.main(derbyStress.java:57(Compiled Code))


        1. javacore.20090428.084024.25679.txt
          168 kB
          Kathey Marsden
        2. heapdump.20090428.084024.25679.phd
          2.29 MB
          Kathey Marsden
        3. windows10_5_HeapDump.phd
          334 kB
          Mamta A. Satoor
        4. vmware10_5_SR7HeapDump.phd
          1.30 MB
          Mamta A. Satoor
        5. vmware10_5_SR10HeapDump.phd
          533 kB
          Mamta A. Satoor

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