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ERROR XSDBB: Unknown page format at page Page(613,Container(0, 1024)) when running MailJdbc (Embedded) system tests



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Critical
    • Resolution: Duplicate
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    • Component/s: Store
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    • Environment:
      windows 2000 professional, ibm 1.6 (sr2), revision 10.5: 745360
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    • Issue & fix info:
      High Value Fix
    • Bug behavior facts:
      Data corruption, Regression


      I started the org.apache.derbyTesting.system.mailJdbc Embedded test and after about 1 day it ran into an apparently corrupted database.

      2009-02-19 14:02:44.221 GMT Thread[Refresh Thread,5,main] (XID = 349909), (SESSIONID = 1), (DATABASE = mailsdb), (DRDAID = null), Failed Statement is: insert into REFRESH.INBOX(from_name,to_name,date,Message,attach_id,size_problem) values (?,?,?,?,?,?) with 6 parameters begin parameter #1: ABCE :end parameter begin parameter #2: WXYY :end parameter begin parameter #3: 2009-02-19 06:02:43.705 :end parameter begin parameter #4: CLOB(org.apache.derby.iapi.types.ReaderToUTF8Stream@41ba41ba) :end parameter begin parameter #5: 0 :end parameter begin parameter #6: This column is used only to by pass the space problem. If the problem still exists, then we are going to have a serious issue here.***************************************************************************************************** :end parameter
      ERROR XSDBB: Unknown page format at page Page(613,Container(0, 1024)), page dump follows: Hex dump:

      The error up to that point appear to me no different from other errors that this test is expected to produce (40001, 23505, 4XL01) except that the very first error is a grant error.

      I think we can't have a release until this corruption is explained away or fixed.


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