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Clob.truncate with a value greater than the Clob length raises different exceptions in embedded and client driver



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      Calling Clob.truncate with a value that is greater then the Clob length raises different SQLExceptions in the client and the embedded driver.
      o Client: SQLState.BLOB_LENGTH_TOO_LONG - XJ079
      o Embedded: SQLState.BLOB_POSITION_TOO_LARGE - XJ076

      I believe the fix is simple enough - change one of the exceptions.
      Which one most closely describes the situation?

      A release note is needed for this fix.

      Also note the following from the Java API docs:
      "void truncate(long len)
      throws SQLException

      Truncates the CLOB value that this Clob designates to have a length of len characters.

      Note: If the value specified for pos is greater then the length+1 of the CLOB value then the behavior is undefined. Some JDBC drivers may throw a SQLException while other drivers may support this operation.

      This opens for a change of behavior as well.
      There seems to an inconsistency in the docs, possibly due to rephrasing - it references both len and pos. The latter isn't used anywhere else in the JavaDoc for truncate.
      And what should the result of truncate(length+1) be?


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