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EmbedBlob.setPosition is highly ineffective for streams



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      The EmbedBlob.setPosition implementation has two performance problems when the
      Blob is represented by a store stream, at least one of them rather significant:

      1) The store stream is reset to position zero for each position request.
      Data is then read until the requested position has been reached.

      2) 'read' is used instead of 'skip', which causes Derby to miss out on the
      optimization potential with streams that have a more efficient skip mechanism.

      My gut feeling is that once point 1) has been fixed, point 2) will have
      disappeared. Also note that the reason why the unconditional reset approach was
      chosen was because the blob implementation couldn't keep track of the underlying
      streams position. This issue still has to be addressed.

      Performance degradation
      Observations suggest the following approximation can be used to quantify the
      number of bytes that have to be processed on the server. Goes for both the
      embedded and the client driver when using the EmbedBlob.getBytes call.
      s = size of the blob
      b = buffer/block size
      n = s/b (number of iterations needed to read the whole Blob)

      s + b * n * (n+1) / 2 = number of bytes processed on the server side
      From now on, I ignore the s.

      For a 1 MB Blob when using a buffer of 32 000 bytes, we get:
      n = 1 * 1'024 * 1'024 / 32'000 ~ 33
      32'000 * 33 * (33+1) / 2 = 17'952'000 ~ 17 MB

      To quickly verify the approximation I summed up the bytes processed by
      EmbedBlob.getBytes(long,int) and EmbedBlob.setPosition(long) with the 64 MB
      Blob used by the repro for DERBY-550 (modified to use 32'000 read buffer):

      • approximation: 32'000 * 2097 * (2097+1) / 2 = 70392096000 ~ 66 GB
      • Derby byte count = 70459204864 ~ 66 GB
      • Derby byte count (buffer 33'000, see below) = 136526134864 ~ 127 GB

      I'll explain the biggest number further down.
      As you see, the number of bytes processed is huge. Note that all of the
      gigabytes are just the 64 MB repeated over and over again. Since the actual data
      volume is so small, all the data will be in the caches of Derby and the
      operating system. Note that only 64 MB is actually transferred to the client
      when using the client driver.

      Another consequence of processing all this data repeatedly, is the effect it has
      on the page cache. Pages has to be evicted and read back in. The performance hit
      taken by this depends on the page cache size, operating system buffers and other
      database activities on the system.

      The explanation for the largest number above, is another performance issue in
      the client driver, related to locators. I'll explain it more detailed in a
      separate Jira issue, but in short the issue causes the stream to be reset even
      more frequently for read buffer sizes over 32'672 bytes.

      Suggested fix
      My initial analysis suggests that the problem can be fixed by using the
      functionality provided by PosistionedStoreStream. There are a few complicating
      a) The length encoding bytes must be accounted for properly.
      b) One must make sure all stream access happens through the
      PositionedStoreStream, otherwise the position will be incorrect and the
      wrong data will be returned.

      With a prototype fix, the repro duration went down from minutes (7 minutes
      for the 127 GB case) down to between 2 and 4 seconds with a sane build, running
      on localhost.

      Affected versions
      The code suffering from the performance issues is old, but because it isn't
      used in the same way in all versions some releases are more affected than

      Version Embedded.getBytes Client.getXXX
      10.5 X X X X X X X _ X _
      (X = issue present)


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