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Remove JDBC 2.0-specific topics from Reference Manual and merge implementation notes as needed



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      The following files should be removed and their contents merged, where appropriate, with the main files for the interfaces concerned:

      JDBC 2.0 features (rrefjdbc2_0summary.dita): remove

      java.sql.CallableStatement interface: supported JDBC 2.0 methods
      (rrefjdbc52637.dita): remove

      java.sql.Connection interface: supported JDBC 2.0 methods (rrefjdbc80004.dita): remove? It appears that the implementation notes are no longer valid. They state that ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE is not supported and that if you specify it, "Derby issues an SQLWarning". However, I tried this and no warning seemed to be issued.

      java.sql.DatabaseMetaData interface: supported JDBC 2.0 methods
      (rrefjdbc66688.dita): remove

      java.sql.PreparedStatement interface: supported JDBC 2.0 methods
      (rrefjdbc99392.dita): remove

      java.sql.ResultSet interface: supported JDBC 2.0 methods (rrefjdbc77156.dita): remove, after adding implementation notes to the topic "java.sql.ResultSet interface" (http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/dev/ref/rrefjdbc23502.html), assuming they are still valid. (Removing this file will allow us to resolve DERBY-2993, "Duplicated description of java.sql.ResultSet#beforeFirst() is written in reference manual".)

      java.sql.ResultSetMetaData interface: supported JDBC 2.0 methods

      java.sql.Statement interface: supported JDBC 2.0 methods (rrefjdbc59162.dita): if implementation notes are still valid, change title to "java.sql.Statement interface", move topic to the general JDBC reference section, remove table, and provide one-sentence implementation notes on the appropriate methods.


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