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Network Client/Server should use sqlType instead of locator value to determine if lob was sent by locator/value


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      This issue came up during the fix for DERBY-3243. Currently network server does not send the correct sqlType for locators. It sends DB2_SQLTYPE_BLOB or DB2_SQLTYPE_CLOB instead of DB2_SQLTYPE_BLOB_LOCATOR or DB2_SQLTYPE_CLOB_LOCATOR so the client's only way of determining whether it is getting a lob by value or locator is to look at the locator/extended length field and use that to branch its logic. It would be cleaner moving foward to use the sqlType to branch this logic, but there would have to be version specific handling to allow it to work the old way when communicating with older versions.

      The sqlType is sent as part of the SQLDAGRP in DRDAConnThread.writeSQLDAGRP() in the
      server code.

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