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convert tests that cause failures because of jvm based messages to junit, or adjust old test harness files, for test failures during iseries run


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      IBM iseries machine, ibm


      A number of derbyall tests failed on a recent run on an ibm iseries machine. The test failures were as follows:

      1. each time a session connects to a jar file for the first time, a message is printed (e.g. 'Attaching to /home/MYRNA/jars/derbyclient.jar'). This results in some diffs.
      The solution would be to devise a pattern for each jar file & add that to the delete line in harness/ A workaround would be to run a selection of troublesome tests (, derbyrun.jar, with DerbyNetClient) before attempting derbyall.
      2. tools/ijConnName.sql fails because the line 'ERROR 08001 - No suitable driver' pops up in a different location. This is probably on a slow machine. A solution would be to remove the line from this test's master altogether by adding a file.
      3. derbynet/ fails because the jvm generated message is a little different, instead of:
      < Could not connect to Derby Network Server on host xxxFILTERED_HOSTNAMExxx - port 9393: Connection refused ...
      we get more text:
      > Could not connect to Derby Network Server on host xxxFILTERED_HOSTNAMExxx, port 9393: A remote host refused an attempted connect operation.
      Solution would be to add more filtering to the file.
      4. derbynet/NSinSameJVM fails because of different jvm generated strings for the main thread.
      expected: main-NSinSameJVM: Derby drivers loaded
      iseries: Thread-0-NSinSameJVM: Derby drivers loaded
      Solution would be to add masking of this difference to the file.

      If these tests could get converted to junit that would be preferable to fixing up masters.

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