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      On May 3 Susan Cline posted a note to kick start the Derby logo contest:

      If you have a logo to submit, please attach it to this issue. (See http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/db-derby-user/200505.mbox/%3ccc56545cb7980ef202a15817c2fcf536@Sun.COM%3e for the suggestion on using Jira to manage logo submissions.)

      When you upload attachments to Jira, you have an option to "Grant license to ASF for inclusion in ASF works (as per the Apache Software License)". The only logos that will be considered are those for which the license has been granted to the ASF. But only grant the license to the ASF if you are entitled to do so. Don't include any elements to which you don't have rights or permission.

      Discussions about the logo contest are at derby-user@db.apache.org. To subscribe to that list, send an empty email to derby-user-subscribe@db.apache.org. More information about the Derby mail lists is at http://db.apache.org/derby/derby_mail.html .


        1. roger_full_showcase.jpg
          54 kB
          Roger Dudler
        2. derby_with_text.jpg
          9 kB
          Roger Dudler
        3. derby_logo_only.jpg
          19 kB
          Roger Dudler
        4. DerbyLogo_Hat_option3.jpg
          42 kB
          David Van Couvering
        5. DerbyLogo_Hat_option2.jpg
          40 kB
          David Van Couvering
        6. DerbyLogo_text.jpg
          36 kB
          David Van Couvering
        7. DerbyLogo_Hat_option1.jpg
          37 kB
          David Van Couvering
        8. derbyhatlogo-lettersaligned.png
          3 kB
          Oyvind Bakksjo
        9. andrew-derbyknight2.jpg
          10 kB
          Samuel Andrew McIntyre
        10. andrew-derbyknight1.jpg
          11 kB
          Samuel Andrew McIntyre
        11. andrew-derbyhat2.jpg
          50 kB
          Samuel Andrew McIntyre
        12. andrew-derbyhat1.jpg
          48 kB
          Samuel Andrew McIntyre
        13. derby4.jpg
          19 kB
          Andrew Kachalo



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