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System privileges



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      Add mechanisms for controlling system-level privileges in Derby. See the related email discussion at http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.apache.db.derby.devel/33151.

      The 10.2 GRANT/REVOKE work was a big step forward in making Derby more secure in a client/server configuration. I'd like to plug more client/server security holes in 10.3. In particular, I'd like to focus on authorization issues which the ANSI spec doesn't address.

      Here are the important issues which came out of the email discussion.

      Missing privileges that are above the level of a single database:

      • Create Database
      • Shutdown all databases
      • Shutdown System

      Missing privileges specific to a particular database:

      • Shutdown that Database
      • Encrypt that database
      • Upgrade database
      • Create (in that Database) Java Plugins (currently Functions/Procedures, but someday Aggregates and VTIs)

      Note that 10.2 gave us GRANT/REVOKE control over the following database-specific issues, via granting execute privilege to system procedures:

      Jar Handling
      Backup Routines
      Admin Routines
      Property Handling
      Check Table

      In addition, since 10.0, the privilege of connecting to a database has been controlled by two properties (derby.database.fullAccessUsers and derby.database.defaultConnectionMode) as described in the security section of the Developer's Guide (see http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/10.2/devguide/cdevcsecure865818.html).


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