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  2. DERBY-1406 in -p propertyfile can be superceded by -Dproperty on command line (without ij string)


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      The documentation indicates one can set ij properties like ij.maximumDisplayWidth or ij.database in either a properties file indicated with java -p <filename>, or by using the -Dij.<propertyname>.

      However, it appears that instead, the in the file are equivalent to properties of the same name in a file or on the commandline, but using -Dij.<propertyname> has no effect.

      So, this works:
      > java -p
      where contained the string: maximumDisplayWidth=15

      > java -p
      where contained the string: ij.maximumDisplayWidth=15

      > java -DmaximumDisplayWidth=5

      (and if the setting is like so:
      > java -DmaximumDisplayWidth=5 -p
      where contained the string: ij.maximumDisplayWidth=15 the display width is actually 5)

      But this does not work:
      > java -Dij.maximumDisplayWidth=5
      That is, the display width for an ij select remains the default.

      I thought this might be a doc bug, but response from the list indicates it is illogical to have a property in a file (eg. ij.maximumDisplayWidth) be superceded by a different property on the command line (eg. -DmaximumDisplayWidth)

      I verified that the behavior has been like this since the contribution of derby to apache (10.0)


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