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Wrong results with query using LIKE and ESCAPE clause that includes "%", "\", and "_"


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      After the fix for DERBY-1262 was checked in, I'm noticing that the following query now returns different results. Prior to the fix for DERBY-1262 the query returned 2 rows; now it doesn't return any rows.

      create table escTable (c1 char(10));
      insert into escTable values ('%_\a');
      insert into escTable values ('%_b');
      insert into escTable values ('%c');
      insert into escTable values ('d');
      insert into escTable values ('%_\e');
      select c1 from escTable where c1 like '%_
      %' ESCAPE '\';

      Before DERBY-1262, the SELECT returned:


      2 rows selected

      Now it returns:


      0 rows selected

      Brief inspection of the query and data suggest to me that these new results (i.e. no rows) are wrong, and that Derby should in fact return 2 rows/.

      Based on comments in DERBY-1262, I'm creating a new Jira issue for the regression since it has been checked into the 10.1 maintenance branch. I've set the priority to "Critical" since this could potentially delay a 10.1.3 release--I.e. I don't think we'd want to release 10.1.3 knowing that we have a wrong results regression. But if anyone thinks that's not the correct priority, feel free to speak up.

      Other option, of course, is to back out the change for DERBY-1262 in 10.1 and then lower the priority accordingly.

      Input/feedback/comments would be appreciated.


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