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Old clients with new server return wrong database metadata values for some methods


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      With an old client (10.1.1, 10.1.2) accessing a new (10.2) server,
      some metadata calls will return the wrong value for both the JCC and
      the Derby clients:

      deletesAreDetected(TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE) -> true
      updatedAreDetected(TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE) -> true
      ownDeletesAreVisible(TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE) -> true
      ownUpdatesAreVisible(TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE) -> true

      This happens because these values were changed for the 10.2 with
      the addition of updatable scrollable insensitive result sets (DERBY-775),
      combined with a weakness in the way the client and the server
      cooperates to answer these metadata calls.

      Presently, when the client application invokes these methods, the
      results will be returned by the server without regard to the identity
      of the client, i.e. the 2-tuple

      {JCC or Derby client, client version}

      The values to be returned for the methods in question are based solely
      on the values found in the file metadata_net.properties, which is part
      of the server.

      In general, some database metadata is dependent on the combination of
      the capabilities in the client and the server and the returned values
      should reflect this, which in general implies negotiating (down) to
      values which are correct for the actual combination of client and


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