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Existing window name may lead to infinite redirects



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    • 1.6.1
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      If the current browser tab already has a window name set and if one is navigating to an application running deltaspike JSF-module (LAZY mode), the existing window name may lead to infinite redirects in some situations.
      We encountered this problem last week when we were navigating from the website of an Austrian computer retailer to one of our applications (one example here: https://www.cyberport.at/lenovo-thinkpad-x1-carbon-notebook-i7-6500u-full-hd-matt-ssd-lte-windows-7-pro-1C30-46G_1695.html).
      It seems that this window name (in this example "iPad%3B CPU OS 5_") is causing the windowhandler.js to perform infinite redirects.
      Another example is if you're coming from netflix, the window id is always "dswid=_nflx" - although without redirects, but two tabs might share the same window context.

      One solution might be to check if the window name meets all requirements to be used as the window id (e.g. check if it is numeric) and if not to reset the window name and generate a new window id (just like if no window name is set).

      We also encountered a similiar problem in clientwindow mode when a link with parameters is clicked (get-request). In these situations the browser is also performing infinite redirects and streaming the windowhandler html file over and over again.




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