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[Admin]: Ability to create a project




      As an Admin I want to create project(s) and view them, so that I can add group/user(s) per project, assign roles per project, view what group/users are in the project.



      1. Admin is logged-in DLab
      2. Admin is located in ‘Project’  tab on ‘Administration’ page
      3. At least one endpoint is created



      Current functionality of  'Manage roles' moves to 'Project' tab and renames ‘Manage project’.

      Admin can create  a project clicking 'Create project' button. ‘Manage project’ popup appears which consists of:

      Step 1 (mandatory)

      • Project name - should be unique within all DLab [editable]
      • Endpoint name - [editable]
      • Endpoint - dropdown (AWS Account 1, AWS Account 2, GCP Account 1) [part of config file]
      • Project Tag: autogenerated, based on project name: dlab_project_name (validation if tag already exists within projects in same account) [ editable]

      Step 2

      • Add a group (mandatory)

      Step 3

      • Assign shape/template (mandatory)

      Step 4

      • Add user(s) (optional)
      • ‘Back’ button
      • ‘Cancel’ button
      • ‘Create’ button

      If Admin clicks ‘Back’ button he returns to Step 3

      If Admin clicks ‘Cancel’ button the project is not added and ‘Manage project’ popup is open.

      If Admin clicks ‘Create button the project is added, appears in grid among the other project, and ‘Manage project’ popup is open.

      Grid on ‘Manage project’ consists of:

      • Progect_name
      • Group_name
      • Roles
      • Users
      • Action


      Acceptance criteria:

      1. Admin is able to create a project
      2. Admin is able to  return to the previous step on the project creation step if admin has not clicked ‘Create’ button.
      3. Admin is able to view all existing project(s)
      4. The project_shared_bucket is created on Project creation step->
      5. User has his home directory, BUT this folder will be accessible for everyone [(v1) - SHORT TERM]
      6. User should have proper permission scheme applied later [(v2) - LONG TERM]
      7. Example: project_bucket: home/user1, home/user2, shared
      8. Cloud Role is assigned per project NOT per user
      9. Roles per project is created - automatically
      10. It is  forbidden to  access to other user notebooks within same project on identity provider level - [(v1) - SHORT TERM]
      11. Users works under his own identity. All actions are logged from that username - [(v2) - LONG TERM]
      12. All edge nodes within project subnet - [(v1) - SHORT TERM]
      13. VPC is created - manually

      13.1. Multiple projects per 1 VPC

      13.2.  Rare case: 1 Project ! VPC

      1. Subnet:

      14.1. We define Subnet CIDR via WebUI - automatically

      14.2. Subnet per 1 project -> Subnet CIDR to be defined on UI




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