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[Front-end]: Set of issues for bucket browser

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      1.  Allow bucket operation if bucket is empty - Verified
      2.   (06/05/20)(BA)If delete the last file in folder the folder deletes (if folder has been created via DLab bucket browser) and the folder appears as a file (if folder has been created from Cloud console) - Verified
      3.   (06/05/20) (BA)Allow to create empty folder (after creation the folder disappears if nothing is added to the folder). - Verified
      4. Make 'Save' button and add 'Cancel' button and made the option mandatory - Verified
      5. Do not allow to create folder using not English letter and with the same name, (special characters: <->, <_>, <.> should be allowed - add error message) ? From GCP console it is forbidden </>, <">, <\>. For AWS console it is forbidden </>. For Azure console it is forbidden <#>, <?>, </>, <\>. So from DLab UI side do not allow to create using not English letter -verified - it is not allowed to create with <(>, <)>, <,>, <.>, <]>. For it we have another ticket 1773
      6. (BA)Allow to manage objects if file or folder contain space -Verified
      7.  Do not highlight object if over mouse the file in case if download and deletion are forbidden - Verified
      8.   Cut object name if name is too long - Verified
      9.  If check off object and than click another folder the 'Download'/'Delete' buttons should be disabled - Verified
      10.  After clicking upload  the button 'Upload' should be disabled - Verified 
      11. 'x' icon should be red if over the mouse during upload - Verified
      12.  Add header: Name/Size/Last modified - Verified
      13. Do not convey to user size and date/time for folder, instead of it portray <-> symbol - Verified
      14.  In the left section make smaller distance (by vertical) between folders - Verified
      15.  Get rid of the hint 'No file chosen' during uploading - Verified



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