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[Front-end]: Support possibility to add custom bucket




      On notebook name popup:

      1.  Bucket name should be not clickable - verified
      2.  If hover mouse bucket name the copy icon should appear - verified
      3.  If user clicks copy icon the bucket name is copied -  verified
      4.  Instead of information message about copy convey hint 'Copied' - verified
      5.  Shared endpoint bucket is not copied if user clicks copy icon - does not work -  the point is obsolete
      6.  Get rid of 'Shared endpoint bucket' from notebook name popup -verified
      7.  Add clickable link - 'Open bucket browser' - verified
      8.  If user clicks on 'Open bucket browser' the bucket browser popup shows up - verified
      9.  Upload process should end by 95% - verified
      10.  Add button 'Bucket browser' in 'list of resource' page - verified
      11.  Bucket tree location in bucket browser (*description view under) - verified
      12.  Change  in hint from 'You have not any buckets' to 'You have not any bucket' - verified
      13.  If use 'Bucket browser' button and upload to the second created project the auto-switching triggers after uploading and locate the user in the firs bucket. The same situation is if go to bucket browser via notebook name popup (Project2) and upload in the other bucket ((project1) - verified
      14.   Add space after Project name and before parentheses - verified
      15.  Align preloader by vertical - verified
      16.  Do not convey project bucket if project is in terminated/terminating/failed statuses - verified

      *Bucket tree location in bucket browser
      How to choose buckets:
      Appropriate bucket should appear after choosing endpoint and project in one dropdown list:

      • Endpoint1 ProjectA
      • Endpoint1 ProjectB
      • Endpoint2 ProjectA
      • Endpoint3 ProjectC

      If user has only one endpoint and one project do not convey dropdown list  or expanding menu?
      The location
      Add dropdown list under 'Upload files' and above 'Bucket path'.
      Add expanding menu in the left section with arrows to the left and to the right sides,  where user can choose endpoint. If user clicks on right arrows the right sector is hiding and the left sector is expanding. 
      The variant2 was agreed.
      The tree view also should be in the left section.



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