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Facet checks throw exception for non-numeric float/double values



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    • 3.3.0
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      xs:float and xs:double types are allow to have the non-numeric values "NaN", "INF", and "-INF". We represent these internally using Java float and double, which support these non-numeric values.

      If validation is enabled (with either limited or full) and a float/double element has certain facet restrictions, then we get the following exception:

      	at java.math.BigDecimal.<init>(BigDecimal.java:497)
      	at java.math.BigDecimal.<init>(BigDecimal.java:383)
      	at java.math.BigDecimal.<init>(BigDecimal.java:809)
      	at org.apache.daffodil.util.Numbers$.asJBigDecimal(Numbers.scala:275)
      	at org.apache.daffodil.infoset.DISimple.dataValueAsBigDecimal(InfosetImpl.scala:1372)
      	at org.apache.daffodil.processors.SimpleTypeRuntimeData.checkMinInc(RuntimeData.scala:431)
      	at org.apache.daffodil.processors.SimpleTypeRuntimeData.$anonfun$executeFacetCheck$4(RuntimeData.scala:340)
      	at org.apache.daffodil.processors.SimpleTypeRuntimeData.$anonfun$executeFacetCheck$4$adapted(RuntimeData.scala:339)
      	at scala.Option.foreach(Option.scala:407)
      	at org.apache.daffodil.processors.SimpleTypeRuntimeData.executeFacetCheck(RuntimeData.scala:339)
      	at org.apache.daffodil.processors.SimpleTypeRuntimeData.executeCheck(RuntimeData.scala:264)
      	at org.apache.daffodil.dpath.DFDLCheckConstraintsFunction$.executeCheck(DFDLCheckConstraintsFunction.scala:54)
      	at org.apache.daffodil.dpath.DFDLCheckConstraintsFunction$.validate(DFDLCheckConstraintsFunction.scala:37)
      	at org.apache.daffodil.processors.parsers.ElementParserBase.validate(ElementCombinator1.scala:76)

      In order to perform certain facet checks, we convert the float/double to a BigDecimal using dataValueAsBigDecimal. However, BigDecimals do not support these non-numeric values, so this leads to an exception.

      Quickly scanning the code in RuntimeData.scala, it looks like at the following facets checks may be affected by this:

      • minInclusive
      • minExclusive
      • maxInclusive
      • minExclusive
      • totalDigits (not valid for float/double, may not be affected)
      • fractionDigits (not valid for float/double, may not be affected)

      There may be other places where we convert float/double values to a BigDecimal that have this same issue. We should inspect the codebase and determine if there are other related issues.




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